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SkillNameDesrciptionSkill LevelPrerequisites
JabAttack with multiple rapid thrusts using a javelin or spear weapon.1None
Power StrikeA melee attack skill that adds lightning damage and increases attack rating.6Jab
Poison JavelinThe javelin is enhanced with poison damage and leaves a trail of poison gas.6None
ImpaleIncreases attack damage at the cost of item durability.12Jab
Lightning BoltMagically changes the thrown javelin into a bolt of lightning.12Poison Javelin
Charged StrikeAdds lightning damage and charged bolts to melee weapons.18Jab, Power Strike, Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt
Plagued JavelinWorks similar to Poison Javelin, but on impact the javelin bursts into an expanding cloud of poison.18Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt
FendAttacks mutliple adjacent targets in rapid succession.24Jab, Impale
Lightning StrikeOn contact will enhance the melee attack with chain lightning.30Jab, Power Strike, Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt, Charged Strike
Lightning FuryTransforms the thrown javelin into a lightning bolt that splits into multiple bolts on impact.30Poison Javelin, Lightning Bolt, Plague Javelin